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Dinners are special events in their own right however every occasion is different. With an array of options that are specially designed to cater to every type of dinner event from the very informal to the highly specialised. For all sizes, whether you are a small group or if you want the whole venue we can cater menus to offer a choice for guests with dishes designed to suit a broad range of tastes. For groups with more of a food and wine focus, special set menus can be specifically designed to suit the occasion. For a sit down dinner we have a maximum capacity of 65 people, and for a stand up cocktail event we can cater for up to 90 people.


If you have a venue and an idea of what you want to achieve, we are happy to discuss how our team can be involved in your event – wherever it may be.
Catering can range from simple and low key, lunch boxes with a bar set up to elaborate and extravagant involving extensive theming and interactive elements. If there is a special story to sell or product to highlight, we welcome the opportunity to craft the food and beverages around this and to ensure your message is conveyed. If it’s just about having a great time and a fun party we are equally excited! 

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