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Fenek Cafe Restaurant is an Italian and Mediterranean inspired restaurant. ‘Fenek’ is the Maltese word for rabbit and it’s the signature ingredient at this restaurant.
In the Maltese region, rabbit is often considered a staple, wholesome food, which is what we strive to produce with just a little twist for you with each dish that leaves our kitchen. Rabbit is great comfort food and at Fenek, you’ll find a range of tasty dishes featuring rabbit. Fenek Fettuccine, rabbit and green pea pizza and rabbit stew are all on offer alongside pizzas, pasta, steak and fish dishes. The menu is eclectic, with dishes like duck gnocchi and qarnit bl-aljoli (fried octopus with garlic) to entice and excite. We treat our beverages the exact same way as our food. Although we do not make the wine ourselves we search for producers around Australia and the world that have a similar idea to our own. Giving the wines that special touch that you might not find in some other wine.

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